3001 Whispering Hills Drive
Athabasca, AB   T9S 1N3
Phone: 780-675-4546
Fax: 780-675-5090

Whispering Hills Fast Facts

  • Official opening of school Oct. 28, 1994
  • Offers Kindergarten to Grade 3
  • 385 students
  • Dual track school offering French Immersion and English
  • Embracing Comprehensive School Health
  • Leader in Me School
  • APPLE School (Family lunch days, milk program, healthy snack program, monthly test tastes)
  • Many activities to promote active living (cross country skiing, Cheerleading, Happy Feet Running Club, intramurals, swimming, Dance parties, partnering with community organizations to promote curling, gymnastics, golf).
  • Bucketfilling Philosophy
  • Many activities for children: Cheerleading, Art club, Book club, Program Activity Leaders (PALS), Junior Lighthouse Team, Kindness Club.
  • Focusing on meeting the needs of each child while developing a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy.

Staff List

Kravontka, Lorna - Principal
Saunders, Marianne - Assistant Principal
Administrative Assistants
Bahry, Michelle - Secretary to Administration
Semashkewich, Wanda - Secretary
Boersma, Shelly - School Counsellor, Student Services Consultant
Aleixandre, Michelle - Gr 1 FI
Astle, Jessica - Gr. 3
Buchanan, Melanie - Gr 3 FI
Kerr, Karen - Gr 1
Lundell, David - Gr 2
Madden, Janice - Divison Literacy Coordinator
Majorow, Gayle - Gr.2
McGhee, Azure - Gr. 1
McGuigan, Kayla - Gr 2 FI
Meyer, Ali - Music / Gr.2
Mitchell, Jennifer - Gr. 3 Fr
Pahl, Alison - Gr. 2 / Music Fr.
Reimer, Janaya - Gr.3
Saunders, Marianne - Gr.3
Splinter, Donna - Gr. 3
Waudby, Paige - Gr. 1
Williamson, Collene - Gr 1
McMillan, Alison
Teachers - Kindergarten
Asfeldt, Kathy
Bellingham, Angie
Garton, Sheena
Lundell, Tracy

Important Contact Numbers

Contact Name Description Number Email
Kristy Sliwkanich Daycare Society - Executive Director 780-675-7946 whdaycare@telus.net