Contract opportunity: Food Services – H.A. Kostash School

Aspen View Public Schools

Requests Expressions of Interest for the provision of food services at H.A. Kostash School for the 2019-2020 school year.

The ideal applicant will demonstrate an ability to rotate menu items on a regular basis, cater for small groups, and work collaboratively with school administration.

The Expression of Interest must include: name, contact information and a brief bio outlining experience and any pertinent courses such as Food Handling, OHS training or First Aid; proposed hours of operation; and a sample menu including a price list.

Interested parties must be aware of Aspen View Public Schools Administrative Procedure 312 Health and Wellness, Section 5.

For additional information please contact, Dick Richards, Principal, H.A. Kostash School. Expressions of Interest can be submitted electronically to or in person at the school office.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 12 noon, Tuesday, September 3, 2019.