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Whispering Hills Primary School!

Located in Athabasca, Whispering Hills Primary School offers Great Beginnings and Kindergarten to Grade 3 programming in a dual track (K-3 English and French Immersion) program.

WHPS is proud to have a safe, caring, welcoming and respectful learning and working environment by teaching students about the Zones of Regulation, and by using Bucket Filling, and the APPLE School program.

We prioritize academic and social success. We believe that students should spend time outdoors to learn and to play.  We believe that students should learn to think independently, become more self-aware, learn self-regulation skills, be exposed to a variety of experiences and have opportunities to grow and to be healthy. All students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom lessons and in our school activities offered at WHPS.

We are proud to be a Bucket Filling school! The bucket represents a person’s emotional bank account for mental and emotional health. A person who is a “bucket filler” is a person who says or does caring things that makes others feel special. When you make someone feel special, you are filling their bucket. When you fill another person’s bucket, you’re also filling your own.

Self-regulation is an important skill for students to learn so that they can better manage their emotions throughout the day. This leads to enhanced learning opportunities as students reflect on their actions and how their actions affect others. WHPS uses The Zones of Regulation  to teach students to become more aware of, and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts.

WHPS is an APPLE School. We strive to promote wellness and create environments that foster lifelong health and wellness by making the healthy choice, the easy choice. We provide a breakfast snack of fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), granola bars or muffins and cheese strings.  Milk is provided to every child every day if they wish at no cost.  We partner with our local restaurants to provide free lunch occasionally.

We encourage you to be involved in your child’s learning, there will be many opportunities to volunteer at WHPS. Some opportunities are: volunteering in the classroom, assisting with Family Lunch Days or the morning breakfast program, or serving on the Fundraising Committee or School Council. We value parent/guardian involvement as it enhances your child’s learning experience and helps create a community of learners!

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