Bucket Filling

Bucket Filling Program                

Bucket FillingWhispering Hills Primary School students and staff are “Bucket Fillers.” The idea of “Bucket Filling” comes from the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. The bucket represents a person’s emotional bank account for mental and emotional health. A person who is a “bucket filler” is a person who says or does caring things that makes others feel special. When you make someone feel special, you are filling their bucket. When you fill another person’s bucket, you’re also filling your own.

Anyone can be a “bucket filler.” It does not cost anything and does not take much time. When you say or do mean or thoughtless things, you dip into another’s bucket. That’s called “bucket dipping.” You can never fill your bucket by dipping into another’s bucket. When you dip, you empty your own bucket. During assemblies, students will be recognized for their bucket filling efforts.

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